Little Fit Skate or Cry Black Trucker Hat

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Little Fit Skate or Cry Black Trucker Hat

Screen Printed Skate or cry is one of the Little Fit original designs. This is the perfect hat for our aspiring skateboard youth

Available in Sizes: Little, Big

Size information:

Size "Little"
Ranges from 45cm to 49cm. Fits most kids from 4 to 18mo 

Size "Big"
Ranges from 49cm to 53cm. Fits most kids from 18mo to 5yrs

Size "Youth" 
Ranges from 51cm to 55cm. Fit most kids from 5 to 10yrs

Measure around the head just above the eyebrows in centimeters to get an accurate fit.


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2 Reviews

lia 11th Feb 2016

skate or cry

I'm in love with the 'skate or cry' trucker hat! Best hat for toddlers and babes!

freakishly tiny head 29th Jul 2014

Great hat - too BIG

We love the hat but it's just too big for our 7 month old. He's a tiny kid so we figured this might happen. He's about 19 lbs so in theory it should fit, but it doesn't. Circumference is basically ok but it's WAY too tall.

Not sure it's their fault, probably mine for producing such tiny offspring. No worries though, it's bound to fit eventually.

When his head acheaves an average size I'll order more hats as the designs are cool and I'm not sure they make ball caps this cool any smaller.

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