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Have you ever read our reviews, tried it out for yourself, and fallen in love with the product? I sure hope so!! I know I have fallen in love with soooo many products I have received. I have frequented several shops and brands all because of these reviews. I love finding unique, fun, and functional products. I also love supporting small shops and stores from my home state. One brand that I have fallen in love with all because I reviewed their product is Little Fit.

Little Fit

Little Fitsells hats specifically designed for little heads. It is hard to find cool hats that fit a toddler’s head well so Little Fit stepped up and took on the challenge…and is slaying it!! If you don’t remember me introducing you to Little Fit before, read that reviewHERE.

The first time I worked with Little Fit Beckham received the black and white ABCD trucker hat. I can’t tell you how many times he gets compliments on it. Practically every single time he wears it at least one person says something. We get “Where did you get that hat!?” quite often. We also hear, “Cool hat man!” “That hat is so cute!” and “Did you see that kid’s hat?” It is so funny to watch people try to be secretive about checking out his hat. Bottom line is people love it. I love it! Most importantly, Beckham loves it! It is the first hat he goes to every time we leave the house.


Now that Blake is around it is time to teach him the ways of the world. The kid has got to learn what it up when it comes to hats. Little Fit sent Beckham and Blake big brother/ little brother hats!

Little Fit Skull

Beckham was beyond thrilled when I opened the box and pulled out theSkull & Bones Trucker Hat. He was grinning from ear to ear when I showed him little brother got one too! He gasped, looked at Blake and said to him, “BABY! HAT!” He wanted Blake to see and be excited too.:) (Talk about a proud mommy moment.)

Just like before Little Fit met my expectations. Great quality and a great fit! I love that the brims aren’t too big, that the back is adjustable, and that there is no puckering on the sides. I really like the black on black design. This is great so dirty little finger prints don’t show on the white. (Although I must say, they are easy to wipe off if they do get on the hat.) The rock and roll design if fun for my little boys without being inappropriate. It is also a wonderful gender neutral design.

Big Bro Little Bro Hats

With the hats being snap back, both boys have plenty of room to grow….which is great because both boys are in the higher percentile for head size. I like the at the hats sit close to their ears. We have a couple that sit higher and just look too small. Blake is wearing the “Little” size which fits most 4-18 month babies. Beckham is wearing the “Big” size which fits most kids 18 months- 5 years. There is also a “Youth” size that fits most kids 5 years- 10 years.

Just like the ABCD hat, we get tons of compliments. Everyone loves these hats. People like that little bro can have a hat just like big bro without big brother looking like he is wearing a baby hat or vice versa. I love these hats so much that there will be one under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!! And now that I know Blake will leave the hat alone I will be getting him another one soon.

Little Fit’s designs are great for all ages. They have hats for girls and boy. There are plain hat and original designs like the Skulls & Bones. There are trucker styles and original styles. Something for everyone. Prices range from $15-$20. These hats make great gifts!! Birthday, Christmas, Back to School, School’s Out…you name it!! Kids want to look and feel cool just like moms and dads do, so let them!