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Cool, Hip, and It Fits!

This summer my son has really started to like two things, sunglasses and hats. If he sees anyone wearing either one he is always asking to put his on. This makes me happy because not only do I want him to look cute and cool, I want him to stay protected from the sun. Our little one’s have fragile skin and eyes. A problem that I have found with most sunglasses and hats is although they may look cute, the fit isn’t always the best for my little guy.


Little Fit, a husband and wife company, recognized this was a problem for their two kids as well. As parents of two kids, they wanted to provide them great protection from the sun while allowing them to be stylish and show off their fun personalities. After working with manufacturers to get just the perfect fit Little Fit hit the market. They are currently being sold in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Beckham received the ABCD trucker hat in black. This hat is PERFECT for him!! Not only is the ABC song his favorite but the fit is PERFECT. The brim is just the right length. The adjustable snap back allows for just the right circumference fit and the height of the hat is perfect for his 2 year old head. I also really like that it is a snap back and not velcro. We recently bought him a velcro back trucker hat but with his curious little hands the velcro was always opened and closed. It was even closed onto the back of the hat, causing snags along the back of his new hat. GRR! This snap back hat won’t do that!!


When I opened the box and pulled out the hat Beckham’s jaw literally dropped. He held it there for about 10 seconds and then started smiling. He was so excited for it. He could hardly wait to put it on. He loves wearing his ABCD hat, or as he calls it “Ah E C D” :). I love seeing him in it! Everytime he wears it out people are always commenting on how cute it is.



The ABCD Trucker hat is available in both black/white and pink/ white. They are available in “Little”, “Big”, and “Youth”…meaning 4 months to 10 years old! For just $20 you child can look as cool and stylish as Beckham in a hat that actually FITS their head!



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