Momma Gone Mental Little Fit "Camo" Flex Hat Review

Do you even know how impossible it has been to find a hat that fits on this boy’s head?! Nearly. Sure I could have put him in an adult-sized hat, but he’d have looked like an idiot. The bill (beak?..what ever the hell it’s called) on those are gigantic!

During the summer months, I’ve had to slap a ton of sunscreen on Piggle’s head, and if you follow us on Facebook, you’d know that I refuse to cut his hair, so you can only imagine how much sunscreen it took/the mess…not to mention how absolutely fucking ridiculous he looked.

To give you an idea, this was Piggle 2 summers ago (note the gigantic head)

To give you an idea, this was Piggle 2 summers ago (note the gigantic head)

His hair is now triple the length, so sunscreen is no longer an option—not that it matters now because it’s freezing cold here, and the sun hasn’t come out in 3 months (I may be exaggerating a bit). Regardless, I wanted to find something for him that he can wear now—and may (fingers crossed) fit him next summer.

A few weeks ago, I got miserably lost on Twitter (I still haven’t gotten the hang of it!). It was then that I came across Little Fit Hats. They had my solution!

They’re a mom & dad duo who also had abnormal-headed kids—-that, or maybe hats in general are just fucked. Either way, they created some killer hats that are made specifically to fit little ones. Maybe it’s the way they’re designed, using a better-suited-to-kid-melons shape…or maybe it’s magic. Whatever it is, the hats fit—well, kind of.


They offer 3 sizes: Little, Big, and Youth. Wouldn’t you know it, Piggle’s gigantor head fits into the youth size—which is meant for 5 year olds!!! Now do you feel bad for my hoo-haw? Because you should!

These are the cutest hats ever. There is literally nothing more adorable than a little boy (or girl) in a trucker hat! Piggle’s long hair makes him look like a pint-sized skater boy! Hang onto your hearts, ladies!

No jacket

This particular hat was a size too small, but for a normal two-year old, it’d fit beautifully (we have the Youth-size on the way, and I’ll update when it gets here). It is perfect! It is exactly like the adult versions you see everywhere.

The stitching is nice and strong, the beak/bill is sturdy, and it’s mega-cute.

Piggle is obsessed with it. He wears it everywhere—though I couldn’t get too many photos because we’re still only naked-potty trained, so I avoid nude-Piggle shots.

Even though it doesn’t quite fit his head, he carries it around with him. He loves it!


He looks like a little hipster!

I absolutely LOVE Little Fit hats!

I’m absolutely thrilled that I was able to find a kid’s hat that fits the boy! It’s about damn time someone came up with something like this!

Piggle and I are big fans!