Me and My Mini Me "Leopard" Trucker Hat Review

Stylish Kid's Hats by Little Fits

Every girl needs a cute hat for those days when you're hair is less than cooperative. My little girl and I happen to be big hat fans and not just because they mask a bad hair day, but because they make for some fabulous accessories. Because my daughter is my mini me, I'm always trying to find accessories, clothes, shoes and hats that mimic mine. But do you know how difficult finding cute tucker hats or snapbacks for kids can be? And usually when you do find them, they're outrageously priced. So what is a mama supposed to do? Go to Little Fits, of course! They have the cutest, most fashionable and affordable range of tucker and classic hats for babies, tots and kids (even for adults if you're head isn't to big).

Little Fits because aside from having affordable children's tucker hats, they make them for both boys and girls. Usually it's difficult to find stylish tucker hats/snapbacks for girls. Thankfully Little Fits thought about all kids when they created their fabulous line of hats.

They sent Bee their Little Fit Leopard Trucker Hat, which is down right fanta-bulous (yes, I do make up my own words sometimes). It's exactly her, it's girly, edgy and has our signature leopard print rolled into one perfect hat. This hat is so fantastic that I want one for myself! If Bee's wasn't so little I would have borrowed it by now. I just love it that much. The design is ideal for little girls who have some edge. It has flocked leopard print and an embroidered graphic. The front half of the hat is leopard print with the Little Fits logo on a pink banner and a skull on the side, while the back is just black and pink.

The hat looks so adorable on Bee, especially since she has the perfect curly hair that flips out to the sides when she wears hats. We both felt as if Little Fits made this hat with her in mind. I really appreciate the fact that they understands that kids have different tastes and that sometimes they develop their passion for fashion at an earlier age. By creating this amazing line of hats they're encouraging kids to have their own style and making it easier for parents to support our kids' fashion ventures.