From Downriver To Downright Country "CAMO" Flex Hat Review

From Downriver To Downright Country



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My son is only 1 so he goes through stages, sometimes if he sees his daddy wear a hat, then he’ll want to wear one and then some days he does not want anything to do with hats. My biggest problem though was finding a hat for him that fits him properly and doesn’t look too big or too small. Finding hats for kids are pretty tricky! That is until I found out about Little Fit! I received theLittle Fit Camouflage Flex hatfor my son to rock everyday (or when he wants to).


I was so pleased when we received his hat because I could not believe how nicely these were designed! For only $24.00 you get a great quality flexible fitted hat that will last as long as until your child outgrows it. The hats are available in Sizes: Big and Youth only. Size information: Size “Big” Ranges from 48cm to 52cm. Fits most kids from 18mo to 5yrs and Size “Youth” Ranges from 53cm 58cm. Fits most kids from 5 to 10 yrs.


My son looked so stylin’ wearing a hat from Little Fit! Look how cute he looks^^. They are just too adorable to pass up. I highly recommend Little Fit for anyone who has kids who love fashionable hats, and even if they do not think they like hats yet, they will when you purchase their first hat from this great company. Any child would be super excited to receive one of these hats as a nice gift.

To purchase this or any Little Fit kids hats please visit theirWebsite. You can also connect with them on FacebookandTwitter.