City Trucker Hat Review

Little Fit Hat Company.

This hat fromLittle Fit hat company is one of my favorite hats that Dreydan has ever worn. It fits his head perfectly! It's not too little where it looks like he's trying to squeeze into a hat that is 2 sizes too small for him & it's not too awkwardly big where the sides poke out. You know how like some hats bow out on the sides? It's supposed to fit, but doesn't? This hat is not like any of those, it's perfection! Really, I don't know how they did it haha. I always thought Drey's head was just weirdly big & hats were never going to look good on him... but now I'm convinced it's the brands & not Drey's big head.

It's also great quality! You can hold it in your hand and know it's not a cheap quality hat The thread stitches are thick, there is padding on the front inside & their logo is embroidered on the side for a little show off. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Drey's hat is atrucker style hat, so adjusting the size is an option, which I love. So he'll be able to wear it for a long while. In addition to Little Fit'strucker hats, they also haveflex hats! Or their "classic" style. They're more of a flat bill, with a thicker flexible fit, rather than adjustable. In my opinion, neither are better than the other, it's all in what you prefer. I love both types!

Aaaaand last but not least, these hats are all SO cute! They are more than perfect for your little babe running around in the sun, trying to keep their hair out of their eyes, or just for style. Don't worry, Little Fit has got you covered... literally. <--- ooooh! See what I did there! Haha I'm funny...


We're a husband and wife team with two young children and we love to be outdoors. As concerned parents we try to keep our kids protected from the sun. There seemed to be a real shortage of high quality, "cool" hats that actually fit our toddler's head.

Like most parents, we've had lots of ideas about improving children's products and decided to run with this one. So we went to see a man about some hats and... Little Fit was born and we created a great fitting hat for kids.

The response to our hats has been outstanding and are shipping trucker hats throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Thank you for your support
- Little Fit