Canadian Mom Reviews "Leopard" Trucker Hat Review

Little Fit Hats Review

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My kids LOVE hats, but the only problem with a lot of hats that are in stores, is that they are all the same. I don't know how many times I have purchased a hat for my kids and saw it on 20 other kids. Also most hats don't fit my children properly, they are either to big or to small.

and most hats have the elastic band (see image bellow) at the back that gets stretched out after awhile and wont stay on.

those kinds of hats are everywhere and I HATE them. yes.. I really do hate them. they never fit my kids just right.

Once in a while you will come across a product that changes everything.. and here enters Little Fit Hats.

Little Fit offer high quality hats for infants,toddlers and older children. Different designs to fit everyone's taste.

I had the opportunity to try out a Little Fit hat. I had the chance to try the Leopard Trucker Hat.

My daughter has VERY thick hair, and the Little Fit hat fits perfectly on her head without falling off.

This is usually the biggest problem when it comes to hats for her. Her hair is so thick that hats just end up sliding up and falls off or gets blown away.

I love that the Trucker hats don't have the pesky elastic at the back. They have the regular Snap-back like any ol' trucker hats. I love that the hat also lets the child's head to "breath". Because of all that hair she has, her head gets very hot and sweaty, but no so much with the Little Fit trucker hat.

the design of the hat is very well made, bright and high quality. The black and white leopard print goes well with the pink stripe and the skull.

I really love this hat, and so does my daughter. I think I will get 2 more for my other 2 kids. I wish they had these in adult size! I would totally get myself one as well!

Go ahead and have a look on their website, I am sure you will find the perfect hat for your child!

Connect with them on Facebook & Twitter add on Instagram @hats4kids Go ahead and give them a like and follow!